When explosive colors and wild patterns dance on a canvas to a soundtrack of upbeat and eclectic music, magic is created. New York City native, Lyn Harris transforms her artistic interpretation of self-policing, organized chaos, and the effect of societal norms on the psyche into physical expressions of her unique aesthetic.

Lyn Harris is a contemporary artist born and nurtured in Manhattan. After her pursuit of higher learning at CUNY Baruch, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Communications with a specialization in Graphic Communications, Lyn found her voice as an artist.

Finding comfort in her gift, Lyn has used her passion for art and the desire to encourage self-awareness as the inspiration for her brand, The Lyn Concept. An embodiment of her colorful and logical personality, The Lyn Concept is a fusion of vibrancy and elaborate patterns, making this brand a true exposition of artistic freedom. Lyn’s limitless talent has often spread beyond traditional canvas, including a variety of household items, wearable fashion and accessories, and branding designs for small business owners.

Displayed in art galleries, markets, shows, and homes, both domestic and international, Lyn’s art has created an audience that craves her insatiable style. Admirers of her explosive colors and eye-popping designs have contributed greatly to the growth of TheLynConcept’s brand, which encourages a thoughtful conversation around improving mental health and the need to abandon the confines of societal norms.

Lyn’s appetite for quality, growth, and self-awareness is a breeding ground for societal reform and a great opportunity for her inevitable success. With the goal of improving mental health and leaving an impression on pop culture, Lyn Harris is blazing a trail that will rejuvenate the way we treat ourselves and others.